Contingencies of Light

Project info

A photographic collection of images taken in Arizona on my artist’s residency with National Optical Astronomy, Observatory, to re figure through the telescopes, a simulacrum of an upward  journey.  Grains of light are scattered and gathered, condensed, the sum and sun of darkness is cast as light, through the holes of these telescopes on a sky island.  There is one human presence in this environment of machinery, and dust, and he is arched backwards, looking up to the light.

There is an accompanying text by David Alan Mellor

The book was Produced for AMBruno’s theme of Black Circle and won the Birgid Skiold Award at the London Artists’ Book Fair.

Vision in Eclipse by David Alan Mellor

No blind apprehension of the Sun, but immediate flesh: a rounded oblate breast, belly and buttock - as the child or lover might have sensed them - ground faintly with gossamer scratches, spidered over the black which divides all bodies.

A voice from a cloud, smoked and aged with ash, also came to the glass corporeally, like an embodied eye, but flattened and holed, peering across that same separating black of outer space, but as speechlessly present as a snowflake suicided on a window.

That diffused travelling light contracted into slivers of Orbs, slimmed and tarnished, which hung in sandwiched plates, each luminous with time.

Cyclopean halls built every industrial sublime; an echo from The Book of Daniel “As you watched, a rock was cut from a mountain, but not by human hands”. Out front, carried on a track, was a bright white emptied disk, a circular banner fabricated by hands and thetechnics of JFK’s New Frontier.

Fertility followed in the warm trail of panspermia: the ashen astral spaces were pregnant again, bulging with latent flesh and humming reassurance like a child’s orange night-light safety bulb.

Under the gaze of that numinous eye peering through the roof, he took up the pose of the Pharaoh’s servant, angling himself, contorted in holy dread, cricked to see the Sun’s abrupt advent.

Lofty spaces collapsed into uterine states: a cranky journey’s space for an ascending gamete.

Contingencies of Light: Dark, The Darkest I Dare To Go, A limited Edition book, Bound by Book Works, London, 2012