Contingencies of Light

By this shaft, in a journey, grains of light are scattered and gathered, condensed , the sum and sun of darkness is cast as light, through the holes of these telescopes on a sky island.

Interior shaft of
McMath Pierce Telescope,
Kitt Peak
Observing Room, 
McMath Pierce Telescope,
Kitt Peak
Detrick Branston testing
filters for the solar eclipse 
in the solar telescope
Chamber underneath the 
4 metre Mayall Telescope
Viewing Screen, 
the Sun, McMath 
Pierce Solar Telescope
Annular solar eclipse, Observing Room, 
McMath Pierce Telescope
Sky photographed from within the 4 metre telescope
Dust reflected in the sun light of the solar telescope
Saturn, photographed from the WYNN telescope
Hydra Telescope
Dust on solar atlas in the library of the solar telescope
Internal shaft of the solar telescope
Lens in the solar telescope