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Page Turners, OED Gallery, Cochin, India

17 January 2019

Page Turners
 is devoted to the book as an art form. Featuring 39 titles by 26 emerging, mid-career and established artists from different parts of the world. This exhibition gives a glimpse into the diverse practice using the book as medium - the book as an entire artistic creation, from cover to cover.

In the decades since the end of World War II there was a flourishing of publications, both on art and as art. In the early 1960s, artist’s books—inexpensive booklets and object books usually entirely composed by artists became major vehicles of artistic creation. With Ruscha’s Twenty-six Gasoline Stations (1963), in which all but one photograph faces a blank page, a new artistic attitude was established.

What is the difference between ‘illustrated books’ and ‘artists’ books’ you might ask. In an artist book the artist augments the text, if there is even the written word present, with images that do not necessarily define passages in the text. The intention of the illustrator is to clarify the text, while the intention of the artist is to create images that extend and/or enhance the text and/or use the text as image, thus broadening the experience of the book.…

…repetitive actions repeated

the space between

to be repeatable

controlled and recreated

noisy like air

evidence of activity

building a set of rules

breaking a set of rules

intentions and actions

thinking outside thinking

tools for thinking

balancing always balancing

imagined spaces

a space of possibilities

controlled spaces controlled

in stillness and silence

potential for revelation

tools for the mind and hand

thinking through making

limitations are important

making the invisible visible…