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7 March 2015

Installation at Tetley

An exhibiton at the Tetley Art Centre, Leeds from 7 – 22 March 2015. The works on display are the outcome of sixteen artists' encounters with the same given object- a wooden wedge.


This hard wooden triangle chimes with  familiar absences. It is reminiscent  of a desolate local structure- the only groyne for miles -which protrudes into the North Sea on a stretch of beach between where I live and the next town.

As an entry- a wedge -into  the  sea, it recollects former vibrant times for this place- the site of a bustling port, now completely gone –with only a derelict  vestige now, as the remains of  16th century seafaring activities.

The oak resonates with the now disappeared oak forests of  Suffolk which were used  for shipbuilding. One photographic image will triangulate these cultural geographies in a single meeting place of the sea, sky and earth. Printed on solid oak , the image of this now concrete wedge ,will ripple in the kind of wild weather which has washed away so much of this coastline and its sites.

The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds LS10 1JQ

0113 3202323