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Nuclear Cafe
Tricycle Gallery, London

7 March - 1 April 2012

For more than half a century nuclear energy has been the focus of hopes and fears for Britain’s future. The utopian promise of unlimited power as well as the dread of radioactive pollution has coloured perceptions of the extraordinary structures which generate nuclear energy.

The revealed actualities of the buildings and plants which deliver these supplies- colossal in scale and exposing vistas of staggering technical complexities, as well as the banal encroachments of time- are the subject of an installation by Judy Goldhill.

She has been granted extraordinary access to photograph inside several nuclear power stations around the UK, as well as examining some of the uses of nuclear power in medicine and other fields.

The result exposes often hidden areas of this industry, opening hitherto closed doors to reveal the mechanisms that generate a significant fraction of our energy.

Review in the Independent May 2012